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JavaScript Test Tasks

I've solved 3 pure test tasks in JavaScript for simple test few days ago. See the code.

JS1024 2020 Schulte Tables

I took a part in JS1024 contest several weeks ago. The goal is to implement some JavaScript application in 1kB.

Lazydocker is a handy Docker tool

In Linux I use ZSH + plugins. There are cool aliases for handling Docker images and containers. Try Lazydocker console tool for new experience.

Best JavaScript minifier

Any front-end code should be provided for the browser in the compact (minified) form. Uglifyjs3 .

Exclude in Babel

I build complicated application by webpack+babel. It's important to exclude third party libraries loaded from node_modules.

Tabs in Vim editor

I use vi/vim text editor for 30+ years, but only now found for myself Tabs as a its feature.

UML diagrams in GitLab

I like UML visual style to explain ideas. As I use GitLab, there is the best approach to have UML diagrams as a tool.

Enums in JavaScript

There is built-in enums in JavaScript. There is the best approach to define and use enums in JavaScript.